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Lady with Power

December 9th, 2011 (12:05 pm)

current location: India, New Delhi
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So I drive daily across the NH 24 highway to get from my home to my office. So that's two trips across that highway daily, back and forth of course.

And for those familiar with Delhi, and specially the east side of Delhi, would be clearly familiar with the kind of chaos that drives on that highway.

For me, if I get outta the house by around 8am to 8.10am, I can through to my office in just 30-40 minutes, which is just 12 kilometers away. But if I delay by just 10 more minutes, it means at least a 1 hour 20 minutes drive. It's that tight.

Just the other day, we had a 40 minute stationary jam. It was such a solid jam that we all switched off our engines and were standing on the road chatting away with strangers.

Just to give you an idea of the traffic, see these images that I pulled off the Internet.

So today morning, I happened to start out late. And on the highway, I saw the traffic being controlled by a lady. And I've noticed her before. Dressed in a salwar kameez, (pyjamas with a long shirt) and a jacket to save herself from the cold, holding a stick in hand, and a whistle in her mouth, she was actually controlling the traffic. And the kind of traffic we are talking is local office goer-traffic combined with city buses, inter-state buses, three wheelers, pedestrians, and even out of state goods lorries/trucks.

And she would confidently stop traffic to make space for pedestrians to cross the highway safely, make space for cars and bikes making U-turns. I mean it was just amazing.

It's biting cold in Delhi these days in December and this woman alone is controlling the traffic. And it didn't look as if she was employed by the government, etc. also. It was too amazingly mind blasting.

I went, took a U-turn with her help and then parked on the side of the highway. I just had to go and thank her, which I did.

I said "Didi (elder sister), I really want to thank you for the amazing job you're doing here".

A lovely smile broke across her face and she shook my hands. And she asked me where I live. I said, "I live right here, across the highway in Indirapuram. I've come here before but I just had to thank you for the awesome work you're doing here."

Then she pulled out a card from her pocket and handed it to me. It was a card of the local politician representing the Congress party of India who is standing up for the upcoming elections.

Now I'll confess I've always been a pro-Congressian in India (irrespective of people disapproving or all the slander being raised against Congress and one of the high Congress guy Rahul Gandhi).

Placing/employing this lady to do this work just as a trick to win elections might be something they're doing. But still, this woman is doing amazing job. Noone on the road is going and asking her which political party she belongs to.

Everyone, is gaining benefit of her work.

Now I'm not trying to get you readers to go and vote for Congress in the next elections (in spite of me being a pro-Congress guy). But I'll still commend the Congress party for this amazing unnamed, non-publicized service they're providing to us in the form of this traffic controller lady.

And I'll commend this lady also much, much over. :) Lady power royally it is.

ashvyn [userpic]

Back to madness, or reality is it?

March 23rd, 2011 (08:57 am)

current location: Office Discussion Room
current mood: crazy
current song: Holi hai Holi - Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag

Happened to notice something. Years ago, guys who sat with guys, had drinks etc were considered the men of the century. And the girls who were the nice homely girls, who shirk at the name of alcohol or ciggarettes were those that people ran after.

Surprisingly things are turning around as I see them. These days girls are the ones chomping their way thru chicken and mutton (my younger cuz sis included), smoking and drinking away to glory (another cuz and all my lesbian friends), and sleeping around like as if guys are going extinct (one of my best friends) seems to be the girls who are the in thing. Was seeing that song from Karthik Calling Karthik where they show Deepika Padukone drinking away. In the same song, its Farhan who is shying away from the alcohol.

Which brings me to the second part of my observation. People tend to get impressed by guys who don't smoke, drink, and those who eat vegetarian food. One of the prime examples being me. Funny circle of life heh?

Talking about funny circles, read the newspaper yesterday for a change (don't worry only the main headlines, i'm not changing into one of those oldies on an easy chair reading the newspaper into the day).

Happened to notice that apart from the cost and price changes, Sheila Dixit ji is announcing that they're gonna build more BRT corridors in Delhi. Why oh why oh my oh my. Please don't do this to us Delhites. Whenever I drive in Delhi, if I have to go to certain areas of South Delhi like Saket etc., I take special pains to avoid that BRT corridor. I take roundabout routes just to avoid that corridor coz its like a quick sand.

If you're so adamant to make Sheila Ji, please read my previous journal post on how a BRT corridor is supposed to be and how it is built internationally. You know the subways and bridges system and multiple/more lanes in it.

Guys, I love Sheila ji. She's an awesome CM for Delhi and has done wonders for Delhi. Only small mistake was that BRT thingie. And now it seems her junior ministers are leading her into that same quick sand yet over again. Please someone help.

Oh oh oh, the Holi just came and went by. And after around 5-6 years, I celebrated it. And boy did I celebrate it. Bharat and Lalit, an awesome couple who're friends of mine invited me to celebrate Holi at their house in Kalkaji. And boy was it a Holi. 20-25 gays and lesbians, all wet and dancing and prancing on an open roof with alcohol flowing more than water. Some of the alcohol was even thrown over our heads like rain. Man was it a festival. Thank you so much Bharat and Lalit and their wonderful mother who made some of the most sumptuous meals.

And of course, I did my item numbers once again, and even earned 170 bucks. Actually 160 bucks. A 10 buck note got torn in the process.

Here is me in a saree with real water thats looking so awesome here.

ashvyn [userpic]

Happy Republic Day guys

January 26th, 2011 (10:06 am)
current location: Home

Well happy republic days. Here I am back from the kitchen just now after an argument with my mom. Topic - Cleanliness of muslims.

The topic started with our maid servant smelling a lot. And she is a muslim. And mom making a general statement that its not about unavailability of proper bathing facilities (which is what i think it is), but that its more about the hygiene rules of muslims. The idea about never taking baths but once a week and just smearing on Itar (dab on perfume) to cover up their body stench is what she believes is their behavior.

She is just not willing to listen to the fact that the current age muslims take baths and are equally cleanliness focused as us Hindus. And upon further enquiry, it turns out that her beliefs are as per what my grandma and grandpa had led her to believe. Agreed that 50 - 60 years ago, muslims MIGHT HAVE been as they have described. I was not even on the horizon back there so I can't vouch for my friends, colleagues etc. but she ain't ready to still believe that the bathing routines of Muslims have now evolved as everyone else.

Her beliefs are that once dirty always dirty. I kept arguing that I have awesome Muslim friends, colleagues, etc. whose cleanliness I can vouch for. Finally she gave in and said "Ok, your friends and colleagues might be clean, but the general Muslim population and that too specially in Pakistan etc are the ones who are dirty blah blah blah."

Upon me vouching for the fact that I have a couple of friends in Pakistan also who are surely clean (Saieer), finally she settled for the fact that my friends are clean but the original Muslims were dirty and they're still dirty for sure and they're not cleanliness concerned.

Finally I had to attack back (sorry fellow Hindus) with facts like, come on mom, there are Hindus who are into gou mutra snan (Cow Urine baths). How can you vouch for that? You'll say that your ancestors used to do that stuff and you don't. That ways anyone (including Muslims) can easily say that Hindus are still doing the same. Come on wake up to current reality.

You use gobar (Cow Dung) for pure rituals like marriages etc. and burn those for the pure agni (the fire in the center) of all Hindu rituals. How clean can you call yourself? But I'm not attacking you mom. Every religion has its beliefs. Using cow urine and dung is your belief, not mine. I would prefer legal methods maybe (not so clear there myself). But I would not do cow urine baths for sure. But I'm not holding the methods of you and your ancestors against you. I'm not saying that you take bath in cow urine and you're dirty. Coz I know that the current generation of Hindus is not doing such stuff. Yes the cow dung rituals are still followed. But thats the beliefs of the people who are doing it.

But noone is holding anything against the Hindus. So stop holding anything against all Muslims irrespective of their age, financial status, location, whatever. Let them live.

Sorry for doing this Hindu Muslim thing over here on my journal but I just had to get it outta my system. I have some close Hindu friends who are against Muslims much more than my mom. But I am sticking to my beliefs. I'm not showing off my mental strength to get complements on my beliefs (maybe a lil bit, lolz and giggles). Its just something I had to get out there.

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September 5th, 2010 (11:22 am)
current location: Moi bed
current song: We are family

And boy am I surprised due to multiple things here.

First one is due to the fact that the strategy that I suggested in my previous livejournal entry here, has actually been picked up by a minister in Delhi (sorry but I’m forgetting the name, u know me how my memory runs regarding names). But he’s actually picked up the reins that everyone had left in order to do mudslinging. This guy is saying that he’ll try to pull things together and put out a show that is worthy.

Now I agree that a single man can’t do the whole thing, but I am totally in support of this character. And I am actually seeing evidence of his work. Last night on my way to the parties at CP and then on the way back, I saw workers working away hard remaking the roads, wrapping up the footpaths, big Volvo trucks, big construction equipment etc. And all this guy has asked is that most of the Delhi traffic should avoid certain routes in the capital like the NH24 highway etc as half the lanes would be occupied for work etc. I think we can give him at least that much, can’t we?

By the way, another surprising thing, my dad was flirting with this awesome looking woman last week. I generally refer to this woman as “mom”. Agreed, my dad looks good, many of female colleagues and one of my gay friends find my dad good looking. But the idea of a 59 year old guy flirting with a fast catching up woman sounds a lil weird. Doesn’t it? Yes it sounds sweet as per a Karan Johar movie, but in real life, it sounds like something is a lil askew.

Let me give you the background story. Mom finally bought her car. Now we have dad with his car, me with my black and white swift baby, and now mom with her electric car Reva which is bright red in color and automatic. The automatic was the reason that she bought the car coz she doesn’t like the clutch and gears in usual cars. So all three of us went to the showroom to pick up the car in Lajpat nagar in my car. On the way back, I was in my car and mom n dad in the new car. On the toll bridge, repeatedly mom found dad’s hand brushing up and down her thigh.
Ok I know you guys will be thinking, what kind of a dirty guy this is. But seriously, this is how mom described it to me. These are her words.

So she kept feeling dad’s hand. And she felt funny too and she asked my dad. And dad started smiling sheepishly and then explained. He’s been used to driving a manual transmission car for the past 40-45 years nearly. So while driving, his hand naturally goes to search for the gear stick. But in the Reva, there is no gear stick in the center of the car. All that is there is mom’s leg. And hence the sensuous drive, as mom termed it. Lovely huh?

So what other updates? I just joined HCL so feel free to congratulate me guys. Those asking for treats, kindly move aside. Salary hasn’t come yet.
I was seeing this guy (lets call him K3G) for the past 4 weeks. Met him at a gay picnic. Both of us had a crush on each other, found each other 2 days later thru facebook. Had a simple arrangement. We’ll date each other to see how it goes. If we feel like sleeping with someone else, then clearly our dating/seeing each other is not working out. There’s something wrong in it. If we don’t feel like sleeping with someone else, then what we have is worth treasuring and keeping. He lives in extreme north delhi, and me in extreme east delhi, so meeting up each other was also tough. But this guy was outta the closet so I really liked him for that too. Plus damn cute.

But something went wrong. We were unable to meet up for 2 weekends due to prior family commitments. In between, last week he felt attracted to someone and slept with that person. When we were talking on the phone last Monday, he was talking weirdly. And he said that he wants to confess something to me but doesn’t know how to tell me. I guessed that he slept with someone. He accepted and was waiting for me to get angry. Surprisingly I didn’t get angry at all. I told him simply, dude, you and I had an arrangement. So its ok. If you felt like sleeping with someone else, its understandable that what we had wasn’t really worth killing ourselves over.

Me taking it so easily made him feel even weirder so he said he can’t talk right now. One week of silence followed. Finally I broke the silence and messaged him yesterday to ask as to when he’s ready to start talking. He replied to tell that he’s very sorry and that he’s fallen for some guy called M. So wished him the best of luck with that life. He still wants to remain friends though. Manageable I guess.

I agree I might be making this sound as if I'm the saint and its his fault and we should all hate K3G, but honestly we shouldn't. Both him and I are mature. Like he fell for someone else, even I could've. These things happen. Appreciate the fact that he was honest. Thats the best part. Sweet chap whom I'll remember always.

What else?

Last night took Mom’s Reva to the party, was fun driving it such a distance. Damn silent car and costs just 40 paise per km to drive it. At the party, saw my first bf, the blue eyed boy. He was there with his latest prey I think. Some tall, dark, bald guy, huge wrestlers build with earrings. I'm just guessing, this was his latest prey.

Felt funnier. Felt pretty alone last night. Just came home and crashed.

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Wealth of the common man

August 20th, 2010 (11:55 am)

Commonwealth games. And we're all thinking. Even Ashvyn has joined the bandwagon of screaming about how the wealth of the common man has been looted, levels of corruption, etc etc etc. Agreed. I have suffered due to bad roads, roads caving in, water logging. My car suffered also. Had to get repairs done. Plus I suffer the traffic jams, traffic redirection etc. Plus I'm seeing news and photos of stadiums caving in, leaking etc.

Small pont i'd like to raise. right now, everyone is screaming about "how corruption happened at the common wealth preps". Big companies like NTPC, Power grid pulling out their major finances, demanding full accounts of their money spent, everything landing up on Shiela Dixit's head due to the fault of many corrupt ministers, etc". Does anyone realise that in all this hoolabaloo and raising keechad, the overall whole blaming process, the face of India gets ruined in front of the world.

Come on guys, India has been known for one thing. We always fight amongst ourselves, but when any thing external comes in, India gets together and then nothing can beat us.

So why not follow a trend and show a united front guys? Get together and put together a show for the world to see? Coz there's no other country as beautiful and strong as India. Whassay?

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Love Sex Aur Dhoka

June 18th, 2010 (11:13 am)

current location: India, Ghaziabad
current mood: bouncy
current song: Chak lein de

Actually lets just change the title to Lust and Appreciation. And that too separately for two separate things. Lets cover the appreciation part first?

I live in Ghaziabad and work in Noida. But you would've experienced this all over the country and maybe outside also. I'm putting a "maybe" in there coz I've never stepped outta India. So what I'm referring to mainly is traffic lights where women come with multiple kids saddled on their hips begging. They teach the kids to beg, they beg themselves etc. One of them took a coin and started knocking pretty sharply on my car window also. That kinda really did it for me.

And one would think that these women have no choices. Their men push them to get money and this is how they can get it other than prostitution I guess. However, I am very happy to say, I was proven wrong. That too yesterday evening. I got outta my office, pulled out my car and then I saw on the road, this woman, on a three wheeled cart with two of her kids in it and garbage bags also loaded onto the cart. She was poor etc, but still she strongly drove that cycle rickshaw with a very determined expression. And imagine the scene of the kids. The kids are seeing their mother working so strongly. They'll also get a lesson about working and not begging. I was so impressed, I took a quick U turn, whipped out my cellphone and somehow managed to grab a small 3 second video of the woman on her cart. I came today, edited the video (it was in a crappy condition coz my cellphone just has a 2 mega pixel cam, and i was shooting it coz I was driving with one hand (risky, i know)), and am now posting a photo from that video.

If any of you want a better photo quality, you're welcome to buy me a good camera or a good cellphone with a better camera in it. :D

But seriously I was impressed. And turns out she lives near my office only.

Coming to lust. Obviously not for this woman. But for a material object. Went to Select CityWalk last saturday for hanging out with friends. On the way back in the basement car park, I saw a yellow Porsche Cayman S parked just 6 feet away from my car. So pretty, so hot, so beautiful, I just had to capture a couple of pics. Here you go.

Another angle.

So there you go. Now I'm taking off now.

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May 21st, 2010 (04:15 pm)

Queens on Wheels just got rescued. All cheers for my straight bhabhs who is rescuing us by becoming our fag hag. We'll be on TV.

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We just had a crash

May 19th, 2010 (08:56 am)

So India's first gay team on TV, Queens on Wheels ran into trouble before it took off. One of our members has faced a family emergency due to which he wud not be able to take part. And the backup member is facing sudden official emergency due to which he would not be able to take part.

As a result, we're a member short. We need a gay, outta the closet, delhi based person who knows how to drive. We need one by this Sunday or else I'm calling off the team entry. I'm not really left with any choices. :(((

ashvyn [userpic]

Queens on Wheels

May 13th, 2010 (10:07 am)
current location: office desk
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current song: when love takes over

So MTV has come out with a driving reality show with Volkswagen for the Polo car and they wanted teams from each city. So four of us, i.e. me from delhi, two friends from amritsar, and another from lucknow have applied as each team has to have a minimum of 4 members. And we're making this an outta the closet gay team on TV. Thats right guys, for the first time I think, a gay group from India will be featured on Indian television. The first audition is on the 24th and 25th of May'2010. Wish us all luck guys. Here is the first photo collage that I have created with the names and pics of our team "Queens on Wheels".

Do wish us luck guys and do come to support us, I'll try to keep you posted on the venue for the audition etc.

ashvyn [userpic]

And so we fall again

May 2nd, 2010 (04:41 am)

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And so it happens again, i fell. For the cutest tall guy on the floor. But lets rewind a bit.

I was supposed to go for the gay party today with P, my friend from bombay. But he was too damn tired so he cancelled on me. So I also cancelled. But rohit, my good friend since the last 8 years, convinced me to go to the party and enjoy myself. So i decided, what the heck, I'll go.

Plus I got those new shirts also stitched for which Sangram had sent me the material from Gulbarga (bloody silk material which is not available anywhere in delhi, my tailor told me so as my tailor wanted more of this material). So I dressed in one of those, put one of those jeans which i've gotten altered recently to be skin tight, and headed over to Polka.

And there I am, slightly off the dance floor, and suddenly somebody's grazes my butt very meaningfully and then grabs my crotch. I immediatly raised the guy's hand in the air coz my butt is not exactly freely available to just touch and go. Plus the guy was just not my type.

But it was good. Why? Coz this is the first time in my life I got felt up by a stranger. Which meant that I was worth something. And i knew i was looking good. Hair was perfect, shirt was nice, the jeans were tight, plus my butts were bulging coz I have been doing the squats excercises which increase the butt size. Maybe they're showing effect already.

Anyways so i'm still there and then I spot this guy in a black shirt halfway across the floor. Nice, cute, my height kinda guy. So i started staring. Now I've been watching all the episodes of Will and Grace for the passt 2 weeks, and last night only I watched QAF UK Episode 1, so i was kinda feeling confident. The guy realised that someone is staring, he looked at me and I kept staring. And I was nodding my head. He separated from his friends also and stood their waiting.

I was confident so I walked over to him and spoke in his ear (literally yelled to get over the din), and said "may i have a dance with u?". The guy took hold of his friend's hand, and said "Sorry No".

Sigh. That was my loss.

So I was back on the floor side and was warding off the advances of this 40 to 50 yr old copy writer who was trying to communicate.

And then i saw HIM. man this guy was like my next love. I saw him and fell for him left right and center. Six feet tall, firangi, french beard, just the correct build, the cutest guy on the dance floor. And again I was back to staring. Finally he also realised. And he looked at me and I nodded my head with the music.

Then I walked up to him and did the same approach of asking for the dance. He said yes and immediatly dragged me close. Man it was awesome. Two to three songs we danced. He finally grabbed my butt also and said "you have an awesome ass". I said "thanks, its a work in progress". Then we went thru an exchange of names. Then he dropped his drink also on me. lolz.

Then while dancing, I felt up his crotch, and man were those pistol and balls loaded. And I also complemented him on that. Then after the three songs, he felt thirsty and he excused himself for a drink. And one of his friends caught him and had a long discussion with him about some stuff. Come on man, a disc is not a place to have serious discussions.

Anyways, firang again looked at me and called me over. This time I asked him to come over to my standing area as the AC effect was direct there so felt good. So he came and we danced. And again he grabbed my ass and said "You've got an awesome ass". Made me feel all the more good. Then I asked him, "May I have all your dances".

And then he drops the boom on me, and says "sorry i dont get into anything fast". I dont dance fast. So I asked "You're into taking things slowly?"

So he said, "Man I can't hookup with you". His reason was that he found me very very cute. I mean come on man, how can that be a reason? It doesn't make sense. Then he said that our ages wont make it suitable also. He asked me my age which is 27. And asked me to guess his. I guessed him at 28 or 32 max. Turns out he is 22 only. And he was estimating my age at 15.

I agree, total exaggeration. A person can look good. But a person looking nearly half his age? I am not accepting that. So finally we parted after a kiss on the cheek.

After half an hour, I went and sat on a sofa on the side. He started dancing with multiple ppl one after the other, and kept feeling them up etc. I was thinking, if its about sex only, then why did he say no to me? Was it becoz he thought I was approaching for more? Then why did he use the sentence "I can't have a hookup with u". It just didn't make any sense to me.

A lil while later, he came to that side of the room searching for something but couldn't find it. I was hoping he came searching for me, so i went back and stood at the original place where he had found me. He came searching again after 10 min and spotted me. And looking at the sad expression on my face, he held my hand and asked, are u ok? I said, I will be hopefully. As of now, I am just putting u in my losses list. The list of the guys I fell for but cudn't get.

So he said, you shouldn't have fallen like that.

I said, Can't help it man. I'm one of those "Falling at first sight" kinda ppl and I'm so open that I tell whatever that comes into my heart also.

He said, thats why u're such a nice guy. Lemme buy u a drink.

I said, I dont drink.

He said, see thats another reason why we wont get along.

So I said, thats bullshit coz drinking or non drinking is as per wishes. I dont wanna drink and noone can make me drink if i dont want to. But that as a reason for not getting along is nonsense.

So he just squeezed my hand, and walked off after giving me a smile. Man how I hated to see him ago. Horrible man. I just couldn't understand what made him say no.

I was looking really awesome on the floor (this i know for sure), I was ready for hookups initially, later i gave him the image of seriousness, and openness too. So why did he say no? Doesn't make sense. Help me out guys.

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